Vocational Awards Committees
The committees that come under Vocational Service include:


Vocational Awareness and Mentor Award -

Chairperson: David Hooley


Holland College Business Plan Awards -

Chairperson: Yolande Murphy


Harry MacLauchlan Award for Vocational Excellence -

Chairperson: Bernie Gillis

Vocational Services

Vocational Services

The purpose of Vocational Service is to promote excellence in vocations and to assist local people to get a start in business.


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  • The Mentor Award

  • The Holland College Business Plan Awards

  • The Harry MacLauchlan Award for Vocational Excellence


Mentor Award


Community who through exemplary contributions and service to society fulfils the distinction of being a mentor to our club, its members and society as a whole. The recipient is not a member of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty. He or she has been a significant influence on the lives of others by the commitment they have demonstrated to their profession over the years.


2017-18 Mentor Award

The 2017-18 award was presented to Mary Hickey, Mentor to Children and Educators.


Mary Hickey


Mary Hickey was born and raised in PEI. She attended West Royalty and East Royalty School and Notre Dame Academy. In 1968 she graduated from Saint Dunstan’s with a Bachelor of Arts. Later in her career, Mary earned a Diploma in Special Education from UPEI in 1997, and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Literacy from Mount St Vincent University in 2002.


In 1969, with her husband, Paul, she volunteered with CUSO and travelled to Nigeria to teach English at secondary school for two years.  Thus began a teaching career which took her to Labrador City, NFLD, Sept Isles, Quebec, Kibaha, Tanzania, Charlottetown, PEI, and to rural Rwanda. During her career she taught students from age five to sixty-five.


Mary believes in Service above Self. As a public school teacher she was never satisfied with less than her best. She continued to study and improve her teaching skills through evening and summer school classes. She put in the long hours necessary to prepare lessons that allowed her students to succeed.  She was always interested in learning new curricula and in sharing her learning with her peers. Student teachers thrived under her mentorship.


During her years as a CUSO/VSO volunteer in Africa, Mary maintained the same high standards of work commitment. She did not allow bad roads, long drives on a motor cycle, or heavy rains to keep her from meeting teachers at their schools when promised. She listened to her administrators and teachers with respect and managed to build the trust and goodwill necessary for the teachers to take risks and try new teaching methodologies. Mary also helped her teachers in Rwanda create teaching resources.  Rotary assisted in this area by supplying funds to buy rice sacks, reference books and dictionaries for schools in two districts.   

Mary completed four placements as a teacher trainer in Rwanda. The six years spent mentoring students and teachers in Nigeria,  Tanzania and Rwanda allowed Mary to do her part in promoting a peaceful world. From the time Mary first walked into a classroom in 1969 until she retired in 2016, she considered herself lucky to be able to do what she loved.  


Mary is also a mother of three wonderful adults and five grandchildren.   From their parents, Suzanne, Christopher and David have learned the importance of sharing their talents with their community.  Suzanne is a teacher and Kiwanis member who serves as the advisor to the Key Club and Duke of Edinburgh Award Program at Colonel Gray High School.  Chris does Child protection work with Social Services and coaches soccer. David teaches in the English Department at UPEI, where  he mentors young, aspiring writers.



Vocational Awards

Holland College Business Plan Awards


Students from the Holland College Business Program complete a business plan as part of the academic requirements. The students have the option of completing the plan individually or in groups of two or three. The business plan is worked on throughout the year and undergoes several rewrites.


Some of the students show great initiative and go the extra mile by creating a logo/business cards, extra graphics, strong supporting documents, marketing layout, etc. 


A committee comprised of Holland College staff and members of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty read the "top quality plans" to determine who really stepped up to the plate and put in that extra effort. Each year the committee reviews and selects the top three business plans. These students receive recognition for their business plans at a meeting of the Rotary club.


We would like to thank Cam Beck and Shaun Patterson at Holland College for their support to the Business students.


2017-18 Business Plan Award Winners:

First Place – Leaf Burger

Sam Dougan and Douglas Wilfred Burke


Second Place – Island Hill Cider

Nichole Brown, Joseph “Mark” Baird & Casey Sanderson


Third Place – Sun Ride

Kaitlyn Taylor, Genevieve Carter & Lindsey Fisher

L-R RCCR President Joanne Ings, Casey Sanderson, Mark Baird, Nicole Brown, Doug Wilfred Burke, Sam Dougan, Rotarian Joan Fleming. 



Harry MacLauchlan Award of Vocational Excellence


Each year the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty honours one of its own  members with the Harry MacLauchlan Award of Vocational Excellence. This award is presented to a club member, based on the criteria of: 


  • Adheres and promotes the highest ethical standards in their occupation
  • Considers their vocation an opportunity to serve
  • Contributes their vocational talents to addressing the needs of the community
  • Offers his or her talents to provide opportunities for young people
  • Improves the quality of life in their community
  • Abides by the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test in their daily business dealings


The late Harry MacLauchlan was a local business man and member of our Rotary club who exemplified the ideals of Rotary.


The recipient of the Harry MacLauchlan Award for Vocational Excellence for 2017-18 is Glenn Trueman.
For information on the most recent recipient of this award, click here.