Previous Mentor Award Recipients
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Mentors become honourary members of the RCCR.  They receive a Paul Harris Fellowship and a plaque. Also, their name is engraved in a large display board.

Previous Recipients.
1989-1990 - Leta Andrew - Mentor to the Tourism Industry of P.E.I.
1990-1991 - Stephen P. Connolly Sr. - Mentor to Senior Citizens of P.E.I.
1991-1992 - Walt Wheeler - Mentor to Tourism and Senior Citizens.
1992-1993 - James Tesky - Mentor to Youth, Veterans and Seniors.
1993-1994 - Dr. J.H. O'Hanley - Mentor to the Medical Community and Children of P.E.I. 
1994-1995 - Mary B. Coady - Mentor to Youth, the Sick and Needy 
1995-1996 - Carter W. MacKenzie - Mentor to Family, Friends and the Community 
1996-1997 - Helen MacDonald - Mentor to Education and Women 
1997-1998 - Father Charlie Cheverie - Mentor to Education and Community 
1998-1999 - Dr. William Temple Hooper - Mentor to the Medical Community and Oncology 
1999-2000 - Father Francis Bolger - Mentor to University Education and PEI History 
2000-2001 - Sybil Cutcliffe - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped
2001-2002 - Hesta MacDonald - Mentor to Education and the Community. 
2002-2003 - Dr. Kent Ellis - Mentor to Medicine and Community 
2003-04 - Mr. Len Sirois - Mentor to Youth
2004-05 - Mr. Frank Ledwell - Mentor to University Education and Literature.
2005-06 - Rev. Ross Howard - Mentor to Community.
2006-07 - Dr. Ian MacQuarrie - Mentor to University Education and the Environment.
2007-08 - Dr. Bernice Bell - Mentor to Gerontology.
2008-09 - Dr. Margaret Munro - Mentor to Nursing and Education.
2009-10 - Marlene Bryanton - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped.
2010-11 - Dr. Bud Ings - Mentor to Veterinary Medicine, and the Community.
2011-12 - Errol Laughlin - Mentor to his community and to military history.
2012-13 - Barbara Mullaly - Mentor in Athletic Administration and Wellness.
2012-13 - Dr. Donald Glendenning - Mentor in Education and Innovation.
2012-13 - Catherine Hennessey - Mentor in Heritage Protection and Preservation. 
2013-14 - Albert 'Ab' Ferris Mentor to Accounting, Education and Public Service
2014-15 - Hon. Catherine Callbeck - Mentor to Women in Business and Politics.
2015-16 - Elizabeth Reagh - Mentor in Family / Elder Mediation and Law.
2016-17 - Lawson Drake - Mentor to UPEI Students & Faculty
2017-18 - Mary Hickey - Mentor to Education
Mentor 2019

Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty Mentor Award 


Our latest recipient of a Mentor Award is Nora McCarthy-Joyce who received the Award in 2019.  Nora is a mentor to Islanders on:

  • Mental Health 

  • Indigenous Health and Health Literacy


Nora McCarthy-Joyce

In 1996, Nora McCarthy-Joyce and her high school soul mate moved to Charlottetown form Cornerbrook to pursue their studies at the University of Prince Edward Island.  By 2019, Nora and Adam were Islanders by choice.  They live in York with their three children, Kiaden, age 7; Grayson, age 4; and Marian, age 1.  A brief 23-year chronological outline follows (1996-2019).


In 2004, Nora complete a B.A. with a double major in Developmental Psychology and English.  In 2006, she completed a B.Ed. with a double major in International Education and Indigenous Education.  Nora soon became immersed in her vocational passion, teaching youth.   At UPEI's Faculty of Education, Nora received four award including the Elinor MacDonald-MacLellan Scholarship for Exceptional Ability in Teaching.  Her first mentoring experience occurred here when she volunteered to mentor prospective students at the Faculty.


Between 2006 and 2008 Nora started her teaching career at the Fort McMurray Catholic School Board.  This exceptional educator was quick to mentor students and parents who experienced gaming disorder and screen overuse.  She advised detox a decade before gaming disorder was officially recognized in 2019.  Within a year of her employment, the Fort McMurray School Board bestowed her with the Alberta Edwin Parr Award for Excellence in Teaching.  After two years in Fort McMurray, family illness caused this only child and caring daughter to return to PEI.  Nora temporarily suspended graduate studies to provide palliative care.  This decision demonstrates Nora's love of family and belief in lifelong interpersonal relationships. 


From 2008 to 2015, Nora was a Literacy Coach at the PEI Literacy Alliance.  Through the Atlantic Aboriginal Health Research Program supported by the Canadian Institute for Health research, Nora developed programs to help students maintain their literacy skills over the summer months.  A person of conviction, Nora believes that literacy is the determinant of all determinants of health.  Between 2012 and 2015, Nora was Principal at John J. Sark Memorial School in Lennox Island.  Nora was thoroughly committed daily from Charlottetown to Lennox Island.  Having recently learned of her paternal Indigenous descent, Nora was intent on improving Indigenous life.


Between 2016 to 2017, Nora worked closer to home.  Her new role was Executive Director of Family Services PEI.  Nora's analytical mind determined that a registered social worker would be a sound financial investment.  Nora voluntarily left in 2018 to become the Mental Health and Addictions Community relations Specialist at PEI Department of Health and Wellness.  Nora seizes every opportunity to mentor community partners and work colleagues about best practices in mental health and addictions.


As a person with a strong international focus, Nora has received numerous well known awards for academic training and study tours.  Consistent with Rotary values, these experiences have informed Nora's world view.  One example is a study tour to better understand in breadth and depth the effects of genocide on a future in Rwanda.  Nora has been strong adocate of Farmers Helping Farmers.  Travel to Kenya enabled her to map capacity thereby permitting smart investments for Kenyans.


Nora has an abundance of professional and community memberships.  Each one represents an organization that actively seeks to improve the quality of life.  Example: Healthy Masculinity Advisory Committee of the Women's Network of PEI and Dad's Central Canada.  Another example is Sherwood/Parkdale Headstart where Nora is a member of the Board of Directors.  As a mentor guided by strong academic training, invaluable work experience, and Rotary-type values it is clear that Nora has touched organizations and individuals in Canada and Africa.


Nora has brought values to all tasks.  The 2019 Mentor Award recipient has fulfilled the Rotary 4-Way Test because her decisions adhere to the four principles of TRUTH, FAIRNESS, GOODWILL and BENEFIT FOR ALL.  As the youngest person to ever receive the Mentor Award, Nora is likely to act as a mentor for many decades to come.  Fortunate are the people who encounter Nora McCarthy-Joyce, a very deserving nominee.


Mentor Award Slide Show 2019