What do our committees do?
Our committee structure
Our committees are developed under the Rotary Five Avenues of Service. 
To see what we do within our committees, click on the Avenues of Service below.
Our Club Committees



Committee Chair

Club Services

Public Image
Internal Communications
Bob Gray
Pam Borden
Programming Committee
Bill Kendrick
Fellowship Committee
Edna Reid
Membership and Attendance
Bert Ronohan
Health & Happiness
Ted VanLunen
Nominating Committee
Ouma Cuniah

Community Services


Community Outreach & Development
Debbie Phillips
Stratford Outreach Committee
Emile Gallant - Co-Chair 
Phil Jost - Co-Chair
Donations Committee
Phil Matusievwicz
QEH Golf Tournament
Mike Hennessey - Co-Chair
Jamie Currie - Co-Chair

Vocational Services

Mentor Award
David Hooley
Harry MacLauchlan Vocational Award
John McQuaid
Holland College Business Plan Competition
Ouma Cuniah

Youth Services


Youth Committee
Bob Gray

International Services

World Community Services
Coins for Eyesight
Winston Johnston & Ouma Cuniah
James Randall
Rotary Foundation 
Diane Griffin


Vesey Bulbs End Polio Campaign
Bob Gray                 
Ad Supplement
John Barrett
New Fundraiser
Emile Gallant