Previous Mentor Award Recipients
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Mentors become honourary members of the RCCR.  They receive a Paul Harris Fellowship and a plaque. Also, their name is engraved in a large display board.

Previous Recipients.
1989-1990 - Leta Andrew - Mentor to the Tourism Industry of P.E.I.
1990-1991 - Stephen P. Connolly Sr. - Mentor to Senior Citizens of P.E.I.
1991-1992 - Walt Wheeler - Mentor to Tourism and Senior Citizens.
1992-1993 - James Tesky - Mentor to Youth, Veterans and Seniors.
1993-1994 - Dr. J.H. O'Hanley - Mentor to the Medical Community and Children of P.E.I. 
1994-1995 - Mary B. Coady - Mentor to Youth, the Sick and Needy 
1995-1996 - Carter W. MacKenzie - Mentor to Family, Friends and the Community 
1996-1997 - Helen MacDonald - Mentor to Education and Women 
1997-1998 - Father Charlie Cheverie - Mentor to Education and Community 
1998-1999 - Dr. William Temple Hooper - Mentor to the Medical Community and Oncology 
1999-2000 - Father Francis Bolger - Mentor to University Education and PEI History 
2000-2001 - Sybil Cutcliffe - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped
2001-2002 - Hesta MacDonald - Mentor to Education and the Community. 
2002-2003 - Dr. Kent Ellis - Mentor to Medicine and Community 
2003-04 - Mr. Len Sirois - Mentor to Youth
2004-05 - Mr. Frank Ledwell - Mentor to University Education and Literature.
2005-06 - Rev. Ross Howard - Mentor to Community.
2006-07 - Dr. Ian MacQuarrie - Mentor to University Education and the Environment.
2007-08 - Dr. Bernice Bell - Mentor to Gerontology.
2008-09 - Dr. Margaret Munro - Mentor to Nursing and Education.
2009-10 - Marlene Bryanton - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped.
2010-11 - Dr. Bud Ings - Mentor to Veterinary Medicine, and the Community.
2011-12 - Errol Laughlin - Mentor to his community and to military history.
2012-13 - Barbara Mullaly - Mentor in Athletic Administration and Wellness.
2012-13 - Dr. Donald Glendenning - Mentor in Education and Innovation.
2012-13 - Catherine Hennessey - Mentor in Heritage Protection and Preservation. 
2013-14 - Albert 'Ab' Ferris Mentor to Accounting, Education and Public Service
2014-15 - Hon. Catherine Callbeck - Mentor to Women in Business and Politics.
2015-16 - Elizabeth Reagh - Mentor in Family / Elder Mediation and Law.
2016-17 - Lawson Drake - Mentor to UPEI Students & Faculty
2017-18 - Mary Hickey - Mentor to Education
2018 Mentor

Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty Mentor Award 


The latest recipient of our Mentor Award is Gary Schneider, mentor to Island ecology.


Gary Schneider

In the late 1970s Gary Schneider moved to Prince Edward Island and fell in love with the native forest.  His move here has been one of the best things to happen to our Island and our Island ecology.  After initiating a project to demonstrate sustainable management and restoration of the Acadian forest at Macphail woods, Gary developed a singular reputation and became well known here as "P.E.I.'s equivalent of Smokey the Bear", a big, genial, gentle, approachable, dedicated advocate for trees, wildlife habitat and the environment as a whole.
Gary has had a huge influence as a mentor to many Islanders, be they landscapers, foresters, gardeners, bird watchers, or school children.  But perhaps his greatest impact as a mentor has been in inspiring the people who have worked with him.
He was a founder and motivator of ECOPEI, a community-based, non-profit organization, registered as a charity with a goal to work in partnership with other organizations to understand, appreciate and address issues that affect the land, water forests and climate to improve the health of the Prince Edward Island environment.  A mentor should innovate, motivate and lead.
A wonderful example of someone who follows the Rotary Four Way Test in their life without knowing what it is, Gary has always spoken truth in advocating for the environment..  He has been described as someone who, "has the knowledge, vision, commitment and ability to convey concerns and address possible solutions in a con-combative manner" which enables people in authority to listen and hear what he is saying.  Gary is scrupulously fair in all his dealings and presentation of information.  Because of this he has been asked to write articles, present to provincial regulatory boards, serve on the Provincial Round Table on the Land and serve on the National Commission addressing environmental assessments.
His educational work at UPEI and at Macphail has developed a huge amount of goodwill and made Gary a friend to generations of Islanders.  Anyone who has been on one of his owl prowls has probably found themselves asking "whoo cooks for youu" anytime they find themselves in the woods at night.
Finally Gary Schneider's work has and will continue to have a huge benefit for all of us who live on this fragile sandbar called Abegweit.  His example of service above self, tirelessly working days, evenings and weekends when called upon, reminds us that we are stewards of this land, its flora and fauna and we must strive to pass on to our descendants an Island that is still a good place to grow and live.