Quick facts on expectations and costs of membership
What is expected of membership?
  • Reasonable attendance at meetings.
  • Participation in a couple of committees.
  • Participation in our major fundraiser - the Business Supplement.
  • Members abide by the Rotary '4 Way Test'.
What are the costs of membership?
  • Annual dues are currently $215, pro-rated.
  • Breakfasts at the hotel are at the member's charge.
  • Volunteer time with committees or projects.
Interested in being a member?

What can you get from Rotary? 

Rotary membership provides some definite benefits. The club meetings and projects provide great fellowship. You get to know personally leaders in the community that you might not have been able to meet or know otherwise.
Another major benefit from being a Rotarian is the feeling of pride and accomplishment from the service projects that we conduct. Your own skills can be put to use to contribute to the success of these projects.

What is expected of you?

Rotarians take their membership seriously. Good attendance is important and in fact there are minimum attendance requirements. Many of our club members have perfect attendance. If you cannot attend a meeting, a 'make-up' can count for attendance. Make-ups are achieved by attending the meetings of other Rotary clubs anywhere in the world, attending club committee meetings, working on club projects, or electronically (there are 'e-clubs').
All members participate on one or two of the club committees. There are over twenty committees to choose from, in the areas of club service, community service, international service, vocational service or youth service. Each committee has a chairperson, and takes on activities for the betterment of the club, the local community or the international community.
Club members are expected to follow the Four Way Test and the Rotary motto of 'Service Above Self' in their daily lives.

What are the costs of being a member?

There are costs of membership, both in terms of time and money. 
Regular meetings last an hour. In addition there are occasional committee meetings that are scheduled at convenient times for the committee members, and there could be some volunteer time involved in projects (such as volunteering at the annual QEH golf event, or volunteering time for Habitat for Humanity). Also all Rotarians participate in our major fundraising event by contacting businesses for the Business Advertising Supplement.
There are annual membership dues, which are currently $215 per year (prorated). These dues are used for the running of the three levels of Rotary; the club, the district and Rotary International. Since all money raised in the community goes toward local and international improvements, we need to have our own internal funds to run the club.
The other cost involved is your breakfast for the meetings and any other costs involved when participating in Rotary events.

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